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We accompanied Mom and Dad all day doing errands.  We don’t mind it one bit because sooner or later, we will stop by a dog park.  We were at dog park B when we met an old playmate of mine, a Chinese Crested dog.   Mom was more excited to see him.  We haven’t seen each other in over a year.  She said we used to play with one another as a pup.  I don’t remember him.  In fact, we ignored one another.  While Mom was gabbing with his owner, I went to the other side of the park and started barking at the 2 kids outside the fence.  Dad was playing with Sienna.  The park is adjacent to the kids’ playground and this particular boy wants to climb over the fence and into our park.  I warned everybody at the park that this kid has no dog with him and he isn’t allowed at our park.  Aside from that, I don’t particularly care for kids.   After what seems like a long time, Mom stopped gabbing and came over to check on me.  She reassured them that I’m all bark and is suspicious of all kids.   Sienna came over and the 2 kids petted her.  Sienna likes everyone.  She’s very trusting.  I did not stop barking.  Mom had to finally chase me off.  Then she called Dad for backup and he got me away from the kids.  When we got home, Sienna and I were still riled up and got into a wrestling match.  It’s our favorite game.

After Sienna took off, Mom and I played our “blanket” game. 


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We went to the first Northern Nevada Shiba Picnic last Saturday and we won lots of stuff.   I also got an honorable mention for having  the tightest tail.  Mom’s not too objective but she thought I should have won and I agree. 🙂   Sienna didn’t win either for the reddest shiba.   After lunch, we had time to run around the enclosed tennis court nearby before the Toy Grab event.  Sienna and I went batty chasing one another.  We got sick and tired of being tied to a tree and it was fun just to be free for a few minutes.   The best part about this picnic is that we got to eat people food!  I love them Popeyes! 

I wasn’t into the Toy Grab despite people egging me on to pick a toy.

However, I did leave my calling card, “Sinjin wuz here!”

For more pics: 


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Cousin Cousine

We met our human cousins at our favorite park.  The boy, about 5 years of age,  was pretty stinky, worst than Sienna.  His mom should really give him a bath.  He kept chasing me at the park and it was so much fun.  I didn’t mind it one bit as long as he doesn’t pull my tail.   Sienna just stayed away from him.  The 7 year old girl was more wary.  She was never exposed to dogs so she was tentative about greeting us.  I can sense her fear and wanted to kiss her.  She ran to her mom and she got more frightened as I ran after her.  Mom called for me as she pressed the squeaky toy.  Naturally, I got distracted and left the girl alone.   Then we parted ways for a bit as we continued our walk while our cousins ate their lunch.

Shiba sighting, this guy ignored me. 😦

But I got a back scratch from his mom. 😛

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The Getaway

My typist,  aka Mom has been busy for the past 2 wks watching some boring men and women making boring speeches.  She says it’s her civic duty as a citizen to watch and learn and to help her decide who to vote for this coming election.   What’s to decide?  Vote for the guy who will give us more cheese.   Clint and the Chair was her favorite act.   They should take it on the road.  🙂  Anyhoo, this past holiday, we went house sitting.  Mom checked all the perimeters.  She missed one by the front yard because it appeared that there was no gap by the side of the fence.  We had to fight our way through the bushes as soon as we got out the yard.   Momcop noticed that we were missing right away.  She went to check the next door neighbor’s front yard and called out our names.  Little did she know that we were still behind the bushes and she didn’t see us.  She went back inside the house for back up.  We didn’t get very far.  Sienna and I went across the street to check out the big dog and the man who was washing his car.   Sienna went to Dad when he called her and he picked her up like a baby and carried her back home.  Mom was able to corner me and put my leash on while apologizing to the guy washing his car.


Sticky Situation

I caught a mouse!  Well, Sienna got hold of it first and she didn’t know what to do.   She chased the mouse into the mousetrap behind the fridge.  The mouse got caught into the sticky glue trap.  When Dad moved the fridge, that’s when I took over and rushed to get the mouse.   Mom was screaming for Dad to get it out of my mouth.  I ran to the back before Dad could catch me.  I ate the mouse and the sticky trap was attached to my paws.  Dad pulled it out and I let out a shiba scream.  Then Mom hosed my paws as I ran away from her.  She’s about to give me a bath.  I tried to get the glue out.  Mom finally caught me and she rubbed olive oil on my paws as she tried to get the sticky out.  She doused me again with olive oil and left me alone for 20 minutes.  Then she gave me a bath, brushed my teeth and gave me a greenie.  Seems too much trouble for a mouse.   She’s been calling me “RatBoy” when it should be mouseboy.  My list of nicknames are growing.   She seemed disgusted by my action but she was just worried I was gonna get sick.  I thought she knew that shibas were bred to hunt vermin.

Sienna at our local dog park at around 7:20pm. She wasn’t so timid since there were only 2 other dogs and she even played with a Rott puppy.




Our Bunk Bed

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No Bear

One hot day during our vacation, we went hiking.  Mom thought it was the ‘very easy’ 3-mile trail.  Dad took us to a different park by mistake.  After 15 minutes of non-stop going uphill, she told Dad she was turning back.   The high altitude was making her dizzy.   Unfortunately, she had the water bottle and the camera with her.  During our hike, Sienna was busy looking for lizards.   I just wanted to get it over with.  I was thirsty.  There were warning signs for coyotes and thank goodness we didn’t encounter one.   After over an hour, I have never been so happy to see Mom welcoming us with a cold bottled water.  There was only one bottle left and she gave it to us before offering the rest to Dad.  🙂

Around 7pm today, Sienna briefly escaped.  Mom didn’t realized that Sienna snuck behind her when she opened the gate.   Sienna zoomed next door and went through our neighbor’s garage looking for the cat.  Mom went inside the house, got Sienna’s leash and treats.  Sienna did not respond to her recall word.  It took about a minute before Sienna came near Mom to get her treat.   If that was me, I would have stayed out longer and had more fun with Mom chasing me. ;P

Cabin at Big Bear

Sienna preferred the front yard, more squirrels